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Aisling Aer


An international budget airline with headquarters based in Dublin, Ireland.

Brand Positioning

Visual Identity Design





The Challenge

In order to draft an appropriate brandmark, consideration of the cultural, and regional implications had to be addressed.

This was visually achieved through research and application of Celtic iconography, and a color pallet reflective of the region Dublin resides within. 

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First Logo Comp.

My Initial Concept

An exploration that I would later come to understand as part of my experimental design process. I believe in order to reach a truly remarkable design, a designer must make numerous iterations, and explore several different avenues of creative expression. While the idea fueling this design is apparent and relevant, or in other words the content is good, the most prominent issue with this logo's form is that it is inappropriate to be used with an airline.

The Insight

ais·ling [noun]

​Irish Gaelic, dream, or vision, from Old Irish term 'aislinge'.

The term was perfectly fitting to the identity I was striving for. A company who's foundation stems on providing exceptional customer service, offering a 'dream-like' experience, for those who chose to fly with Aisling Aer.

Visually, this would come in the form of a soft, rounded typeface, and a brand mark that would utilize the same use of rounded caps and consistent line weight.

The result was a logo that appropriately spoke to the culture I drew inspiration from.

Brand Applications

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