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Virtual Exhibit


Due to Covid 19, the 2021 Scholastic Regional Art Award could not be held in person at Uhart, so we brought it virtual.

Web Design

Visual Identity Design

Web Development



Wix Editor

The Challenge

A client acquired through the University of Hartford Art School, I had the opportunity to work a representative of the Scholastic organization for the Connecticut area. Tight deadlines, two-hour Zoom meetings, and extensive email communications were not uncommon in the two month project.

Understanding the complexity and scale of showcasing the remarkable work of Middle and High Schoolers across CT would aid in drafting a solutions that was easy to navigate, as well as visually supportive of the student works.

Know thy user.

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Persona 2, Mason
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3 Preliminary Stylescapes 

Approval Process

While time constraints keep these preliminary style guides were not presented to the client for direction. However, these three rough identities were presented before my civic design class, providing me with input and feedback on my creative direction. Ultimately this developed into the following identity that I presented, and reviewed with my client over Zoom.

All elements of the Visual Identity would need to be usable within an online platform, like how your seeing this here.
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Final Screens Designs

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Brand Mark

Brand Mark

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Graphic Elements

Award Icons

Button Samples

Wave Pattern







Scholastic's Yellow



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